Policy no.Policy title
BPB-001 (213.7 kb)Privacy Statement
BPB-002 (714.0 kb)Payment of Registration Fee
BPB-003 (620.9 kb)Proof of Identity Documents for Registration
BPB-004 (167.4 kb)Deferred Applications Before the Board
BPB-005 (515.3 kb)Net Asset Certificate
BPB-006 (338.3 kb)Insurance
BPB-008Removed (Registration Policy for Building Contractor (Transitional))
BPB-009 (1.0 mb)Inquiry Board Procedures
BPB-010 (5.4 mb)Registration Policy for Building Contractors
BPB-011 (1.2 mb)Performance Reporting Systems
BPB-012 (54.2 kb)Endorsement of Registration
BPB-013 (692.6 kb)Requirement to Register a Company as a Building Practitioner
BPB-014 (418.4 kb)Lapsed Registration
BPB-015 (1.1 mb)Fit and Proper
BPB-016 (75.9 kb)Fees for multiple registration in Multiple categories
BPB-017 (131.5 kb)Code of Conduct